4 Reasons to Swap Your Hair Ties for Scrunchies

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Scrunchies: you either love them or you don’t - there’s really no in-between. If you’re not a fan, I urge you to read on, because this post might just convince you to make the switch. And if you already love scrunchies, here are 4 reasons to love them even more!

1. Scrunchies Are More Comfortable and Less Damaging

Have you ever tugged a hair tie out of your ponytail, only to find that a big chunk of your hair came out with it? If so, you’re not alone. Hair ties can be quite damaging. In fact, exposing your hair to a bare elastic can cause tangles, dents, knots, and breakage (eek!). Scrunchies, however, are much gentler on your hair. That’s because a scrunchie is made up of an elastic that’s wrapped in a tube of soft fabric, adding a protective layer between your hair and the elastic.

handmade scrunchie

Hair ties often cause headaches when worn for long periods of time

In contrast to a hair tie - which causes pain and headaches after extended wear - scrunchies are incredibly comfortable, even when worn for an entire day! They have less tension, making them a lot softer on your hair, but they can also grab much more hair than a basic hair tie, ensuring your ponytail or bun stays secure. When it’s time to let your hair down, scrunchies slide off easily without snagging or ripping out any hair, and they won’t leave a dent, so you can feel confident leaving your hair down even after you’ve worn a scrunchie all day. 

2. Scrunchies Are More Versatile than Hair Ties

There are so many different ways you can wear a scrunchie, making it an incredibly versatile accessory. Most commonly, scrunchies are used in your hair to secure and/or embellish all types of hairstyles. Some common ways you can rock a scrunchie in your hair include in a top knot bun, high ponytail, low ponytail, chignon, braids, and a half-updo. Of course, it is possible to secure all of these hairstyles using a standard hair tie - but will it provide the volume and personality you'd get from a scrunchie? Probably not. 

In contrast, when you’re not using your scrunchie to hold up or accessorize your hair, you can also wear it around your wrist as a fun bracelet. 

scrunchies for women

Adding a scrunchie to your hairstyle will enhance the look

Another trend that’s recently emerged with the rise of the smartwatch is the scrunchie as a watch band. We all know how soft, stretchy, and comfy scrunchies are when worn in our hair, so I’m sure you can imagine how comfy it would be to have your smartwatch secured to your wrist with a scrunchie!

3. Scrunchies Are Harder to Lose Compared to Hair Ties

If I had a penny for every time I scoured my surroundings in search of a hair tie (that I swear was just there a minute ago) well, I guess I would just have a lot of pennies. But in all seriousness, hair ties are almost too easy to lose. It’s as though they are intentionally designed that way so you’ll have to replenish your stock often. This is a non-issue with scrunchies. 

Scrunchies are larger, thicker, more visible, and often more colourful, so you won’t be losing these pretties as often as you would hair ties. In fact, most women just pop them onto their wrists when they’re not wearing them in their hair. You can’t do this with a hair tie (at least not without risking the loss of blood circulation in your wrist).

handmade scrunchies

To avoid losing your scrunchie when it’s not in your hair, wear it around your wrist!

4. Scrunchies are Trending in Fashion Right Now

Scrunchies are a mega hit in fashion as of late. In fact, these fun hair accessories have been spotted recently on catwalks and on the likes of many of your favourite celebs including Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and even Jason Momoa (wait, what?). And are you even surprised? I’m personally all for the scrunchie trend - here’s hoping my messy scrunched-up bun stays acceptable for as long as possible!

Another thing scrunchies can do that hair ties can't, is match your outfit. Top off your look with a matching scrunchie in your hair - it’s the perfect touch! Wearing blue pants with a nude top? Why not finish the outfit with a floral print scrunchie that’s got hints of both colours? Or, you can even make a bold statement with your scrunchie by adding a standout colour to a subdued outfit. Our fuchsia satin scrunchie, for example, adds the perfect splash of colour to any neutral look!

Looking to jump on the scrunchie trend?

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