Royal Roundup: An (Indefinite) List of Your Favourite Princesses

After many exhausting hours of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no definitive ranking of Disney Princesses. You can find tons of articles online claiming that they have the list of the top princesses, but no two are ever even remotely the same, so which one do you trust? The answer is none - new movies are released and opinions change as time passes. I know what you’re thinking - so what am I doing reading this piece? Well, let me finish. After losing faith in the internet, I decided to turn to you, asking you to vote on who your favourite princesses are right now.

This survey was conducted on Instagram and Facebook. I randomly chose a handful of popular Disney princesses and asked you to vote on your favourites using the ‘polls’ stories sticker. This is in no way a definitive ranking, but simply a fun experiment you participated in while awaiting our latest collection of handmade hair bows

Here’s the list, according to you:

10. Pocahontas (she wasn’t actually part of the survey, but I received several messages asking where she was, and so she secured spot #10 on the list!)
9. Merida
8. Tiana
7. Snow White
6. Cinderella
5. Rapunzel
4. Jasmine
3. Anna & Elsa
2. Ariel
1. Belle

    Did your favourite princess make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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